Eckman Automotive Machine Offers Secure Service

Apache SSL is currently being run on this Website for secure service! This software provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for high level security when transmitting sensitive information like credit card numbers. You can rest assured that your order is safe with Eckman Automotive Machine.

One Step Further!

With the system we access, we go one step further. Not only is SSL Technology implemented, we also feature 3-Way Encryption.
3-Way Encryption

It is safe to place orders over the Internet IF a secure on-line order form is used. Eckman Automotive Machine Website features 3-Way Encryption to insure total security for on-line transactions. The following diagram outlines the 3-Way Encryption process:

Transactions are only totally secure when information is coded or "encrypted" in three areas. The diagram above demonstrates the 3-Way Encryption process.
Information is first coded between the customer and the server. Second, the information is coded on the server hard drive. At this point an e-mail is sent to Eckman Automotive Machine, notifying us of your order. Finally, when Eckman Automotive Machine retrieves your order, the third coding takes place.
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